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about us.

Bruck Company provides services in the architectural visualization and real estate industry. We provides an overall solution which combines learning and comprehending customers and environmental needs .

the company unique

We specialize in conducting unique Visualization for urban planning, municipal development and landscape architecture focusing on creating a realistic environment.

Our strengths

We have the ability to analyze the project quickly and in a high quality in order to drive and deliver measurable results for our clients. We have a profound understanding of customer’s needs as well as personal and business goals.

Our clients

We work in a world of architects, entrepreneurs, designers, leaders and real-estate marketers who are interested to bump things up, hand over to competitions, and get authorizations and planning permits.We can define proper level of involvement with you according to your terms and by your needs.

Our abilities.

Architecture Visualization

Our architectural work includes exterior and interior visualization at a top end real level while emphasizing minor and significant details in design: lighting, texture and proper composition.

Landscape architecture Visualization

We specialize in conducting unique Visualization for urban planning, municipal development and landscape architecture for planning committees and architectural competitions.

Visualization for National Outline Plan

Conducting proper outdoor Visualization as an effective tool for getting permits and marketing the project. We also specialize in Photomontage and selling plans.

Accompanying planning processes

We accompany architectures, interior designers and private customers, illustrating the buildings after a renovation or a new building. Using computerized visualizations, you can get a full and vivid view of the plans at the very beginning of the project.

Transplantation rendres in aerial photographyt

Creative solutions for photographing project sites
For imaging implantation.
Production of simulations for implantation on aerial photographs.


Producing three-dimensional renderings

Producing realistic simulations for entrepreneurs, architects, interior designers and private clients. With computerized simulations, you can get a complete and true picture of the design and its environment and the materials chosen at the beginning of the road


3D photomontage

Embedding a Visualization on a still image of the existing landscape, photomontage simulation is a great tool for marketing and removing any obstacle relating to its
location and its insight of the structure.


3D landscape architecture

Design photorealistic Visualization at built areas,preservation and view simulations of open lands and parks.